What we do

Rainbow Home supports people who have fled their countries due to persecution for being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or other members of the LGBTQ community.

We want to help people to find their feet, to feel safe and welcome here and to help them to understand what they need to do to present their case for asylum.

We do this by providing a safe and confidential space with specialist support from people who really understand the challenges of both seeking asylum and of being LGBTQ. We also help our members with their day-to-day challenges and create opportunities for socialising and taking part in activities.

We believe that everyone has the right to be heard, and to be themselves without fear.

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I always feel thankful that you deem our lives important and you take our lives seriously

Meet Alessandra and Akudo

This short video by our friends at Generator North East features one of our support workers as well as one of our members telling her story about how Rainbow Home helped her, and how she is getting on now.

Why we exist

We know that just getting to the UK is difficult enough. Once here, it can be challenging to find the support you need to feel safe, to settle in and to navigate the complicated UK Asylum system. Often our members face isolation and feel anxious about their LGBTQ identity having lived for many years in fear.

We want Rainbow Home to be somewhere to turn to for support, guidance and friendship.

Our Impact

Member Stories

Sepideh's story

I arrived in the UK in May 2019, and shortly after I was moved to the North East. I came to the UK because I am a lesbian and it is a crime in Iran, my country. My life was in danger.

Someone in the local LGBTQ+ community told me about Rainbow Home.

With Rainbow Home I found my LGBTQ+ community. Rainbow Home really supported me with everything I needed at any time. They made me regain self-confidence as a lesbian. I can trust them and I can share my emotions freely.

I feel much better now than when I arrived in the UK and much better than when I was in Iran. I feel free. I am finding myself and my community. I have some friends in this country who are LGBTQ+ like me and I can trust them.

To anyone who is LGBTQ+ and seeking asylum I would like to say to be powerful, and to be strong. And to remember that we are not alone.