Help with
your asylum case

  • Navigating the asylum system

    Alongside your solicitor, we can support you through the asylum process and help you present your case to the Home Office.

  • Application Support

    We can help you to complete your asylum application form.

  • Evidence Gathering

    We understand what evidence you need for your asylum claim and can help you to record it.

Social and
emotional support

  • One to one sessions

    We will speak to you on your own in a private space to understand how we can help you.

  • Meeting others

    We create safe spaces where you can meet other people like you.

  • Sexual Health

    We provide confidential advice and support.

  • Mental Health

    We care about how you are feeling and want to support you through the hard times.

Member Stories

To anyone who is LGBTQ+ and seeking asylum I would like to say to join Rainbow Home and join our community here. You are not alone and Rainbow Home will listen and guide you. And also to be patient and try not to worry because everything will fall into place.

Petrolina – refugee from Nigeria

Rainbow Home is a safe place where I can be myself with other LGBT folks and relax

Kavi’s story

I arrived in the UK in September 2018, and in November I was relocated to the North East. I fled to the UK because they discovered I am gay. In Iraq it is not allowed to be LGBTQ+.

My solicitor told me about Rainbow Home. They are good people and they helped me a lot. I was so, so scared…everything was totally new and different.  I literally didn’t know anything about the UK and they told me about how everything works.

I am feeling good now because I feel settled down again and there are opportunities for me.

Rainbow Home made feel that I don’t have to be scared anymore to say that I am gay and to be who I am.

To anyone who is LGBTQ+ and seeking asylum I would like to say that Rainbow Home will understand that when you arrive in the UK you will still feel scared and that a lot of things are completely different and new. But remember that here it is normal to be LGBTQ+ and people won’t discriminate you because of who you are. I want to encourage you to be less scared and more confident.

Rainbow Home made me feel that I don’t have to be scared anymore to be who I am